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Interim Staffing Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the answers you are looking for will be found either in IS's Employee's Policy & Procedures Manual or in the Supervisor's Guide. However, there are always questions that don't quite fit. We will attempt to answer those questions here and also refer you to the appropriate section of each manual for future reference.

Questions Frequently Asked by Applicants and Employees

How do I apply?

Create an Applicant Profile and Apply Online

What is your application process?

Interim Staffing (IS) reviews all applications the day they come in for appropriate years of experience and skills. Selected candidates are interviewed by a IS staff member and their skills assessed on our skills evaluation programs.

What qualifications are you looking for?

We are looking for applicants with any one or combination of the following skills and experience.

  • 1+ yrs. of Administrative experience
  • UC Experience
  • Word Processing training/experience
  • Medical Transcription

What types of jobs do you offer?

  • Administrative/clerical
  • Financial/Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Entry Level Professional
  • Clinic Clerk/Medical Transcription

Do you provide Benefits for your IS employees?

IS employees may be eligible to receive benefits such as vacation and sick leave, CORE Medical Insurance (Catastrophic Illness), University-paid life insurance, Accidental life and dismemberment Insurance, Worker's Compensation and Holiday Pay.

What salaries do you offer and when are your employees paid?

Salaries are determined by the skills and responsibilities of a position based on the University's classification/compensation system. The majority of our positions are administrative and pay will vary according to job classification ($9.44 - $27.06). As with most Administrative employees at UCSF, temporary employees are paid on the first day of each month for hours worked in the previous pay period.

Can I look for a career (permanent) position while I work temp?

The answer is yes. We encourage our IS employees to pursue career positions that interest them. If the IS employee has an interview the Interim Staffing employee may use leave without pay to interview. Your immediate supervisor should be informed in advance to allow you time off for the interview.

When is my timesheet due?

Time sheets are due for payroll on the 17th of the month between 8 am and 5 p.m. Any timesheet received after this date will be considered late and will cause a delay in your pay.

When will I be paid?

(click here)

What does prorated mean?

Prorated means that the hours accrued for vacation, sick leave and holiday pay ** are proportioned to match the percentage of time worked during a given pay period. Example:

1. Hours Worked = 175 (100% for pay period X); Employee earns 10 hours vacation leave and 8 hours sick leave.

2. Hours Worked = 105 (60% for pay period X); Employee earns 6 hours vacation leave and 4.8 hours of sick leave.

* To earn vacation, sick leave and holiday pay an IS employee must work a minimum of 50% of the hours in a given pay period (click here). Example: 100%= 176 hours ; 50% = 88 hours.

** Holiday Pay has one more criteria (click here, see #2)

What do I do if I'm injured on the job?

Report your injury to your site supervisor immediately and IS (476-4486). You will be directed to proper medical attention. Interim Staffing will send you a check list to follow to guide your through the Injury Report process including completion of all necessary forms.

How do I get my vacation pay and DCP moneys back when I leave the IS?

To receive payment of your accrued vacation leave hours and a refund of your DCP funds you must submit a letter of resignation to the IS at 3333 California St., Suite # 305, San Francisco, CA. 94143-0832. We will separate you from IS, process your terminating vacation hours and send you a packet of information and forms to request reimbursement of your DCP funds *.

* DCP is administered at the UC Office of the President located in Oakland and all request to regain funds must be processed through that office. Your local IS staff have no control over the process or the funds and can only refer you to the Office of the President Benefits office in regards to reimbursement of DCP funds.

What is Fair Share and why do I have to pay it?

Call the IS office (476-4486) and we will direct you to the appropriate bargaining unit to answer your question(s).

Can I get an advance on my pay?

Advances are given in emergency situations only. A letter requesting an advance stating the emergency must be submitted to the IS Manager for approval with a signed IS timesheet (advances are paid on hours worked only). If the advance is approved you will receive only 65% of moneys due. The other 35% is held to cover any taxes, liens or garnishments. If there is any moneys remaining it will be paid on the regular pay cycle, the 1st of the month. You will be notified by the IS Manager if your request is approved. Advances usually take one business day to process. There are no advances given during the month of December. There are no exceptions to this policy.

What do I do if my supervisor is not here to approve my timesheet?

Interim Staffing has assigned a surrogate timecard approver for you.

My badge has expired but my assignment isn't over. How do I get a new badge?

IS issues badges in three month increments only. If your badge expires and your assignment is continuing call the IS office to have your badge extended. We will send your new badge in campus mail to your site supervisor.

My assignment is over but my supervisor wants me to continue to work. What do I do?

When your supervisor asks you to work beyond the end date of your assignment, have them call the IS office at 476-4486. We will need to extend your job order and send you a new badge to reflect your continued employment. Failure to inform IS of your extension will result in a serious delay in your pay.

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Questions Frequently Asked by Client Departments

What's the recharge rate and why does it keep changing?

Currently the recharge rate is 16.1%. This rate changes each year due to fluctuating usage, salary changes and increased expenses. The recharge rate is reviewed by a client user committee and approved before it is implemented.

I'm a new supervisor, how do I get a temporary employee?

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How is the temporary employees pay determined?

We determine the IS employees pay based on the classification/ compensation system applied to all UCSF positions. Once classified we apply the appropriate salary according to which bargaining agreement that applies.

How do I extend my current IS employee's assignment?

It is imperative that IS be notified of assignments extended beyond the original end date. We can not pay them beyond the date stated on their job orders. Call 476-4486 or email your staffing analyst to extend an assignment and send out a new I.D. badge. It's very important that you inform IS of changes in our employee's assignment .

Do you do skill evaluations?

Yes we evaluate all IS applicants skills before hiring them into the IS.

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