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Many of you have been asking questions about Interim Staffing and how to use our services more effectively. We have designed this brochure to answer your questions and to give you a few tips on how to make more efficient use of our temporary services. Please call us if there are any questions you still may have. We are here to serve you and to provide the best service possible. Thank you for making our program such a success.


Interim Staffing (IS) was organized twenty-five years ago to provide UCSF departments with qualified temporary clerical support. In most cases these temporaries were utilized to replace career employees while on vacation, sick leave, maternity leave, during recruitment periods and for special projects. Over the years the reasons for utilizing IS have not changed drastically, until now. The advancement in computer technology and in the Health Science field itself has created a new demand for more sophisticated employees who are highly skilled in computer and administrative functions. IS has expanded it’s services to include a wider range of temporary help in technical, higher level administrative and management fields to meet this demand. It is our mission to provide our client departments with a viable source of candidates for career and casual positions and to provide our client departments with the most qualified temporary help available in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


When you are in need of a temporary employee please visit the UCSF Interim Staffing Website.


IS is open from 8 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday


Before the IS employee arrives it is best to determine where they are going to sit, who will be supervising their work (if other than the stated supervisor), who will be available to answer any questions they may have. When the IS employee arrives they should be directed to their work station and given a brief introduction to other staff members in your office. Please provide a brief overview of the office functions and instructions on job duties, departmental expectations, deadlines, and a lunch and break schedule. Please remember that unless an IS employee has worked in your department previously they are not familiar with your departments business practices and procedures and will need to be instructed to avoid miscommunication and confusion.


Non-exempt temps can work overtime when requested by their direct supervisor. The pay standards for overtime are the same as for career employees. Eligible employees are also paid shift differentials and premium overtime when authorized.


We are here to assist you and provide you with the best service possible. If you have any questions or concerns about an IS employee’s job performance, skills, attendance, attitude or work habits, please call your IS analyst immediately. Don’t wait! It is part of our service to resolve any concerns or issues to your satisfaction, including replacing an IS employee who has not performed up to your expectations. Remember, IS is the temporary employees home department and as their supervisors we appreciate your concerns regarding their performance.


IS Employees accrue vacation and sick leave each pay period. They are paid for holidays when they are on pay status before and after the holiday. They also receive CORE Medical benefits after completing three months service with IS at 100% full time schedule. If an IS employee is hired into a career or casual position by a client department, all vacation and sick leave hours will be transferred to the new department upon notification.


All IS Employees are required to wear I.D. Badges, just like career employees. The difference is that IS badges are not permanent badges with pictures. The IS I.D. Badge is yellow in color and has the IS employee’s name, the Department’s Name, an Expiration Date,signatures of both the IS employee and a IS Staff Representative and a special I.D. Number that begins with the letters IS + 5 digits (IS12345). If your IS employee does not have an I.D. Badge when they report for work, call your IS Analyst immediately. If you extend a IS employee’s assignment beyond the end date on his badge, please call your IS Analyst to issue a new badge with the corrected end date. All outside contract Temporary Service Employees should have a Blue I.D. Badge with the same information except their badge numbers should begin with the letters of the Temporary Service they are from (Interim, Kelly Services, Manpower).If they do not have a badge call the Temporary Service immediately.


The recharge rate for IS is the hourly pay rate plus 14.7%  ($10.00 x 1.147% = $11.47).You will be recharged according to the hours authorized on the IS Employee’s timesheet. Your electronic approval on the IS employees timesheet is our authorization to pay the IS employee and to recharge your account for the number of hours indicated on the timesheet.  Verify the hours on the time sheet before approving. The hourly rate is determined by job classification, i.e., Sr. Clerk, (Administrative) Assistant I, II or III, etc. You will receive your recharge statement the first week of each month for Temporary services the preceding month.


IS actively recruits qualified applicants for our program. We have weekly posting on the Careers Website and when a special need is identified we will advertise the job. Our most successful avenue of recruitment is by employee referral. Most of our applicants identify an IS employee or a UCSF Career Employee as their first source of reference about IS.


An applicant is required to create a profile online at http://www.tep.ucsf.edu to include relevant work experience, education history, self assessment and references.  Once they successfully complete an online profile, an IS Analyst is able to view it.  Our Client Departments require IS Analysts to use specific criteria while screening applicants for unique job orders.  Among other skills, profiles are sought for excellence in word processing, administrative functions, medical billing, and accounting.  All applicants receive a confirmation email when they successfully upload their profile.

When Analysts discover a resume with skill sets that match a particular job order, the applicant is contacted to meet with the Analyst.  At the interview the applicant’s work history and training are discussed and their skills reviewed in more detail.  Once the Analyst determines that an applicant meets the criteria for the job, applicants are re-evaluated using an in-house program to determine into which level of assignment the applicant can be placed successfully.  A general administrative skills evaluation is given to all applicants for proficiency in typing speed, letter formatting and, if applicable, 10 key data entry transcription and statistical typing.  These scores are entered into the IS database for future assignment skills matching.

Two employment references are checked before an applicant is hired and placed on an assignment. Once it is determined that the applicant meets specific skill levels, they are given a detailed manual outlining our policies and procedures.  It is at this time that expectations and performance standards are discussed.



We do two reference checks on each applicant before they are hired into IS.

Then, at the end of each temporary assignment, an Employee Evaluation Form is sent to the direct supervisor for feedback in the following areas: Attendance, Punctuality, Skill, Knowledge and Production as well as an area for additional supervisor comments. The evaluation form is  essential to our maintaining the quality of the employees in our program and the level of service we’ve promised you, our clients.


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